Tepezcohuite Facial Soap

  • $ 130 MXN

In ancient Mexico, the bark of Tepezcohuite was used by the Mayans for its innumerable healing properties. This tree grows exclusively in Mexico, and is one of the best-preserved and best-known remedies for skin care in Mexican Herbalism.

Made from Tepezcohuite Extract, this facial soap has a great power of healing and hydration and is ideal for oily skin or skin prone to conditions such as spots, scars or acne and thanks to its high content of antioxidants and amino acids, prevents premature aging, keeping it hydrated and soft.

In addition, it contains vegetable hyaluronic acid, which is firming and reduces expression lines, improving the appearance and health of your skin, and with its incredible aroma, it provides a feeling of softness and freshness on your skin.

Properties: Moisturizing, regenerating, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing. 

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, Tepezcohuite extract, and Vegetable hyaluronic acid. 

How to use: Apply the soap directly to your skin and rinse with warm water. After use, rinse off your soap and place it in a cool, dry place away from the sun. 

Contents: 80 g 

Plastic saved: 1 bottle of 200 ML