sweet almond cream

  • $ 215 MXN

Shea butter is a natural and pure ingredient that is extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, and due to its high content of vitamins, A, D and F, it has a great power of hydration and nutrition that improves the elasticity of the skin. , while repairing and regenerating it. It is also an excellent sunscreen, and with its delicate scent of meadow flower and sweet almonds, it provides a soft and smooth sensation to the body. 

Properties: Moisturizing, nourishing, firming, sunscreen. 

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax Softener, Thickener, Prairie Flower Oil, Emollient, Sweet Almond Oil. 

How to use: Apply directly to the areas of your skin that require hydration. Keep in a cool and dry place. 

Plastic saved: 2 bottles of 200 ml

Contents: 80 g