Mint Collection

  • $ 575 MXN

1 Rosemary Mint Shampoo 

1 Rosemary Mint Body Soap

1 Mint Balm

1 Mint Dental Tablets 

This collection includes 1 Rosemary Mint Shampoo, They reactivate the circulation of your scalp and strengthen it, preventing hair loss, stimulating its growth, achieving healthy and voluminous hair; 1 Rosemary Mint Body Soap, which thanks to its antiseptic, stimulating, refreshing and invigorating properties of rosemary, and the fresh aroma with medicinal properties of mint, moisturizes the skin and helps delay skin aging; 1 Mint Balm, highly moisturizing that protects your lips from pollution and UVA / UVB rays, and at the same time that it nourishes, repairs and softens, with an intense and refreshing mint aroma; and 1 Mint Dental Tablets, made with natural ingredients such as Menthol and Mint Extract, are free of sulfates, parabens or toxic chemicals harmful to the environment and your body; and they are the most practical way to keep your teeth clean and fresh, wherever you go. 

Enjoy, without generating waste!