Corn Shampoo

  • $ 189 MXN

Corn is a sacred plant of Mexico; Our ancestors, the Mexica, revered with gratitude all that Mother Earth gave, however, among the most representative deities was Cintéotl, the goddess of Corn.

Made from Mexican corn flour, this shampoo provides comprehensive care, adds shine, and maintains your hair free of impurities, and protects it from external damage. 

Also take care of your scalp, since corn oil accelerates cell renewal, rebuilds damage, strengthens hair, and hair follicles. Improves circulation, and helps fight dandruff.

It is the ideal shampoo to take care of our hair, remember where we come from, and honor our ancestry.

Properties: Moisturizing, regenerating, antioxidant, anti-frizz, anti-hair loss, anti-dandruff.

Ingredients: SCI (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate), Corn Flour, Corn Protein, 100% Pure Corn Oil, Aloe Butter, Rosemary Oil, Tepezcohuite Extract. 

How to use: Dampen your hair and apply directly. Massage and then rinse. After use, rinse your solid and place it in a cool, dry place away from the sun. 

Plastic saved: 3 bottles of 350 ml

Contents: 100 g