The advantages of solid soap for you and the planet

If you ever thought about giving solid shampoo a chance, but it still does not convince you, or you have more doubts than certainties, keep reading because in this post I am going to tell you absolutely everything you have to know to make a decision.

Learn about the benefits, ways of use and more secrets and tips about this new sustainable trend that not only cares for the environment, but also protects your body.

Within natural cosmetics a product that is gaining several admirers is the solid shampoo; a kind of soap for hair.

I say a kind of, because although their formulas are similar, they have certain differences so that the shampoo is less greasy and meets the necessary conditions that a hair product must have.

All the information that I am going to share today is designed around the most frequent questions that I receive in the Eco Inspiration store and the doubts that have been consulting me since Instagram account.

Benefits of solid shampoo

Of course it all depends on the brand, but in general these are the benefits of the solid shampoo:

Benefits for your body

Natural ingredients: free of chemicals, sulfates and parabens that in the long term can cause severe damage to our body.